Do people ever tell the truth about their sex lives

Did you ever instinctively feel like you were being lied to by someone telling you about their sex life? Have you ever hesitated in answering prying questions and made up a story? 

It probably will not shock anyone that people exaggerated their experience when asked about their having sex with a Brooklyn escort. Many also lie about their faithfulness and affairs, denying it until they are blue. 

Both Men And Women Lie 

Liars come in all genders, whether for white lies or full-fledged life stories. We tell lies to protect ourselves and say things to protect our privacy. Many questions may be answered with silence, as it is also an answer. 

In nearly every sex research, the results show that both genders tell lies about their sex lives. When it comes to sexual deceit, men are said to be more likely than women to lie about their affairs. Women are said to be more secretive, refusing to admit to having illicit relationships, and have less of a tendency to get caught. 

Number Of Partners

Women still worry about being labeled as slutty, which is why they prefer to keep such matters to themselves. People tend to exaggerate their sexual history, but equally prone to downplaying the number of sex partners they have had to the socially acceptable number of only seven.

Decades ago, only men would consistently state that they had a lot of sexual conquests, while women would only admit to having one man in their lives. Virginity was upheld as a desirable trait for a wife. 

Men would exaggerate their number of sex partners to show their prowess, while women would downplay theirs to appear conservative. Nowadays, sexual promiscuity is no longer considered taboo and with the flourishing of dating apps, it is easier to find a lay than ever before. 

Sexy woman lies on bed with smartphone.

The Number Seven 

Recent studies show that having experienced seven sex partners is the new socially acceptable standard. Way back, the acceptable norm was to have only three sex partners. 

To have sex with several people before settling down is now acceptable behavior. Indeed, open relationships flourish without the need for faithfulness. The new generations’ views on sex are far different and more open-minded than that of the past. 

Faking Orgasms 

One of the most common lies that partners tell each other would be if they orgasmed or not. Many men have the common misconception that a woman should orgasm each time she has sex, and for several women, it is easier to fake it than to make the man feel disappointed that they did not. 

In Conclusion

Many men who belong to the older generations do believe that having sex with a woman is a conquest and add notches to make them seem more like a man, while women are ashamed to admit that they had sex with more than one man. 

Lying about the number of partners is commonly done to conform to societal norms. A woman will lie about their orgasms to please their men. People do not tell the entire truth about their sex life, even to their partners and friends.

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